About Terminal Interface

I plan on using this site to document some of the silly, hopefully helpful projects i am currently, or wanting to work on. some may just be a way for me to document silly and simple projects i felt like working on while other times i may be doing a full usable project with an end goal.
I have been interested in electronics since the very early 80’s and was known for taking things apart (tinkering), but i wasn’t known for putting them back together very well. going full steam into electronics intimidated me, and at times frustrated me becuase many places of information either treat you like you dont know what a resistor is, or assume you are able to make nano-meter thin IC’s. my goal is to find that middle ground. and i hope to show others some things, and i expect to also be given pointers i can share, and learn from. in short, i will not pretend to know it all, and will possibly post things that will make some say “really, you didn’t know that?”.
My future hopes once i get this silly page setup is to post some of my older projects, and music ventures (Migamix) is my DJ name and music project name. who knows this site may become a “band” page, if i get famous making music… stop laughing.
hopefully, if i find this page is providing help to others, it will evolve. for now i will follow the “KISS” method (Keep It Simple Stupid)